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Any child who has musical potential deserves the
opportunity to nurture this talent to its full extent.

How often have you noticed a child in your school that loves music, shows enthusiasm and musical promise and you think:

If only I could offer additional musical opportunities for this student! Time constraints limit what can be done. This child cannot afford music lessons. What can I do?

Working in alliance with the MusicLink Foundation, you CAN create opportunities to allow this child to grow musically through long-term instruction. It begins with a simple online nomination by someone who knows the child’s musical interest and potential.

MusicLink teachers offer music lessons on partial to full scholarship to promising students from preschool through grade 12 who are economically disadvantaged. We ask schools or youth organizations to nominate students to the program who:

  • show interest and enthusiasm when engaged in musical activities
  • demonstrate evidence of financial need (e.g. free or reduced lunch status - this information can be provided by parents in our follow up letter)
  • have a supportive parent or guardian

The students you nominate are linked with professional music teachers in the community who donate instructional time at a reduced cost for as long as students wish to learn music. The MusicLink Foundation emphasizes long-term musical development and helps provide instruments, music, and music camp scholarships, as needed. All MusicLink teachers receive a full criminal background check.

Please consider nominating a student from your school who could benefit from private lessons.

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Teresa Sanchez
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