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If you are a registered MusicLink teacher and wish to register a new student, please click HERE.

Q: What is MusicLink?
A: The MusicLink Foundation is a national non-profit organization that seeks out promising music students in need and links them with qualified music teachers willing to teach them at up to half their normal fee for as long as the student is committed to the lessons.

Q: How does it work?
A: Students who are motivated to learn music and meet the financial need requirements are paired with qualified music teachers. The Foundation supports these “links” in a variety of ways. Financial need is in line with qualification for the Federal Free/Reduced School Lunch program, although proof of other financial hardship may be considered.

Q: I'm already teaching a student at up to half my normal fee. How do I register?
A: To register, click HERE.

Q: I would like to volunteer to teach a MusicLink student. What should I do?
A: To volunteer, click HERE. We will contact you if a student from your area is nominated for lessons.

Q: Is there a way I can search for a potential MusicLink student?
A: The most effective way is to contact your local elementary or middle school. The MusicLink Foundation has a School Packet available to help the school in identifying a qualifying student. The school music teacher can identify a student who shows musical talent and we can verify financial eligibility (Click HERE for School Packet).

Q: Must I change the way I teach if I take on a MusicLink student?
A: No. You teach your MusicLink student exactly as you would any other student in your studio.

Q: Will I be required to continue teaching a student if the student doesn't show commitment to the lessons?
A: No, if a student does not demonstrate commitment to the lessons he or she will be dropped from the program. Students must practice and attend lessons on a regular basis. The student and parent will be required to sign a Policy Form agreeing to these conditions. Click HERE to view the Policy Form.

Q: Will the MusicLink Foundation pay me for my teaching?
A: No. The MusicLink Foundation does not have the funds to pay teachers to teach. The generosity of its teachers is what makes MusicLink work. The Foundation does, however, support teachers and students with grants, scholarships, and offers and discounts from its Business Partners. Soon after you register, you will receive an I.D. card and a copy of our Discount List. Your I.D. number will identify you as a ML teacher, so you can take advantage of these discounts.

Q: Is there a lot of paper work or record keeping involved?
A: No. The only thing required, once you are registered, is the completion of a 1-page evaluation form in the spring. The submission of this form helps keep our records up to date and assures your student’s continuation in the program.

Q: Why should I consider becoming a MusicLink teacher?
A: Every child deserves a chance to realize his or her musical potential. Being financially needy shouldn't deny that chance. Giving a child one half hour a week can change that child's life forever and nothing can compare with the satisfaction of knowing that you were responsible for giving that gift.

How the program works: Students who show an interest in taking music lessons, but cannot afford full fee lessons, are linked with qualified music teachers willing to reduce their fee by at least half to make the lessons more affordable. MusicLink teachers are able to take advantage of a variety of offers and discounts from our growing list of Business Partners as well as additional benefits directly from our foundation.

MusicLink teachers are qualified, professional teachers seeking to share their love of music with a deserving child. All MusicLink teachers are required to pass a criminal background check.

It is a simple process to become a MusicLink teacher.

Click HERE and complete the appropriate registration form. When a student is identified you will have an opportunity to meet with the family. If all is agreeable to both parties, you will be linked with your new student and mailed an I.D. number and a Discount List. With your I.D. number you will be able to order music and materials for your MusicLink student directly from the publishers at a discounted rate.

Once a year you will be asked to complete a very brief evaluation on your MusicLink student’s progress. This keeps our records up to date and lets us know how our MusicLink students are doing. No other paperwork is required.

If you have additional questions about the MusicLink program, click HERE.


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