2012 Teachers of the Month

September, 2012

Our Teacher of the Month for September is Nancy O'Brien of Tucson, AZ.

Nancy has been teaching piano since 1988, first at the University of Arizona's Preparatory Program, and then independently in her studio. She writes: "I have enjoyed working with MusicLink students -- seven in all -- for the past 13 years. My association with these students has enriched my studio and my life."

Thank you, Nancy, for all you do for MusicLink. We are so fortunate to have you on board.


October, 2012

Our October Teacher of the Month is Barbara Parker of Portland, Oregon.

Barbara has been involved with MusicLink for about seven years. She is a pianist, teacher, clinician, and adjudicator throughout the state of Oregon, where she has been teaching piano for 40 years.

"The MusicLink program is an important part in the local and national educational goals that MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) and our local chapters are trying to achieve," she said. "It has been very beneficial to help cover the extra expenses and opportunities for gifted students who otherwise could not participate" in music.

Barbara says that one of her students is a talented pianist who would not have been able to enter local and MTNA junior and senior piano competitions without the support of MusicLink.

Our congratulations to Barbara! Thank you for being one of our stellar MusicLink teachers!


December, 2012

Sister Mary Hauber is a Franciscan music teacher who has taught piano for fifty years. She maintains an open studio so that students in need might be able to enjoy the gift of music as well as those who can afford lessons.

Sister Mary Hauber has given grant lessons to approximately five to ten students annually since 1988. This has been accomplished through discounted lessons, free music, and/or tuition grants covered by generous parents, local community grants, and her own community who provide Ministry Funds for those in need.

"I often tell my students: Shoot musically for the moon and you will land among the stars," she said. "When going to contests I tell them: Don't play to win. Perform to make beautiful music. You'd be surprised how often they do win."

The community with which she has worked for more than 25 years rallied around Sister Mary Hauber when the piano she was using no longer functioned properly. Students and parents worked hard to match a local Community Foundation grant. The students raised $10,000 in nine months by composing and selling their music to friends, by have a practice marathon, by playing at gigs, by putting pennies and nickels and dimes in a large containers, and through gifts from grandparents and the like. We now have two beautiful pianos. Dreams do come true!

Our congratulations to Sister Mary Hauber! Thank you for being one of our exemplary MusicLink teachers!